Paint Easton

New News update

Thanks to SilentHobo, Dr Meaker and Dub Mafia the mural is now complete (March 2017)..Thanks also to Parkway carpets and Collecteco Check out SilentHobo’s time lapse.

News Update
The artist Silent Hobo kindly painted these character for us, this week (15-1-2017), it is a great start and looking forward to reprising the project and finishing off this wall..

With a bit perspective, this project has been much more positive than we could ever possibly imagine.
First off we got some incredible colour back into our street, the idea wasn’t so much about the art but pulling together to do all we can to improve our lot. A bit of paint and time doesn’t cost that much..

Below before and after shots.

The best aspect was bringing the community together, here are our neighbours working hard..

Then to our surprise one neighbour knew another artist and look…

We still have a lot to do but have made so much progress, more before and after shots below.

More before and afters…

Some more art courtesy of Conrico Steez the colour and design are amazing, thank you.

In an attempt to make some money for the mural these were produce!

And check out SilentHobo’s sketches.

The principal aim of Paint Easton is to raise funds to provide practical solutions for Easton.

Donate here

All too often funding and social projects are provided at a level way beyond grass roots, this means local needs are ignored and or solutions are prohibitively complicated and expensive. We’d love to change that..

Our first project is:
a) white wash the back of the building that was once the Eastville Hippodrome.


b) with the help of the building owner (Parkway Carpets), a lot of local support and using SilentHobo the artist that created this…


Create something inspiring, colourful like this… (St Pauls, Bristol)

Or maybe something like this… Loughbrough

Or even something like this…. (Clacton)

We have made start on the white wash.. Friday 6th of May 2016


We need to raise £2350 to make this happen, if you can afford something please give by clicking the link if not you can still help by sharing this link on social media..

Helping with the project are ward councillors Marg Hickman and Afzal Shah.

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